Beta.24 almost ready!

I'm expecting to publish Beta.24 by the end of next week! Check what's coming!

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So, here's a small list of the biggest changes included in the beta.24:

- Colyseus upgrade to 0.14.x

- Phaser upgrade to 3.55.x

- Parcel upgrade to 2.x

- Client interpolation (smoth movement).

- Experimental client prediction and reconciliation (will comment about this after the release).

- New Top-Down scenes with gravity (platformer style).

- Trade system! Buy/Sell with NPCs, and trade between players.

- Tons of bugs fixed and improvements like: mail sender fixes, split the game and server URLs so we can upload the client anywhere, Theme manager issues, etc.

Stay tuned! A full change log as always will be included with the release :D