Tiled Map Optimizer

Merge multiple TileSets images into one and get the proper TiledMap for it based on your multiple TileSet TiledMap.

Have you created a map with Tiled? (https://www.mapeditor.org)
Does your map include multiple TileSets and you are using just a few tiles from each image?
Then you can use this optimizer to get a single merged PNG image and all the data-layers fixed to use the optimized image.
Got the result image? You can even try to optimize more with: https://tinypng.com


  • All the tiles in the map images should have the same tile width and height.
  • The JSON file must follow the Tiled maps JSON export format.

If not specified, then black ("#000000"), will be used by default.
Split the values with comma, for example: 2,3,4 will will multiply the size by x2, x3, x4.