What can you find on the latest version of the platform?

Current features in v4.0.0-beta.28

Administration Panel

Manage every single aspect of your game through the panel. Hot-plugs is our best feature and it's a work in progress.

Admin js implemented

Trade System

Between Players (trade) and NPCs (buy and sell).


Full in-game chat

Global, by room and private messages between users.

With chat types and split in tabs.

Chat with tabs

Player Stats

Fully configurable stats! HP? MP? Magic? Stamina, you can just setup as much as you need for your game logic.

Use "Modifiers" to generate an impact on the target stats properties.


Items System

Based on @reldens/items-system you will be able to create all kind of items (usable and equipment).


Attacks, PVP and PVE

Short and long distance attacks, bullets type (can be dodged), target type (can't be dodged), fight with players or with monsters.


NPC's, enemies and respawn areas

Setup NPC's with different options to interact and create respawn areas.


Teams and Clans system

Create, join, dismantle teams and clans, bonus based on clan level, and more.

Clan creation

Drops and rewards!

NPCs can drop rewards and it can be configured to be split on team mements.

Drops and rewards

Physics engine and pathfinder

Authoritative server with physics engine and pathfinder.


Gravity world!

Setup your rooms with or without gravity to get totally different kind of game plays!

Gravity world


Optional configurable minimap.

Mini map

Sounds System

Configurable multiple sounds categories for any animation or scene.

Sounds system

Configurable visible players name and lifebars

Players name and lifebars

Users registration

Continue playing later and double login invalidation.


Multiple players creation

Multiple players

Terms and conditions

These are ready to be setup as you need.

Terms and conditions

Registration and login integrated with Firebase

Quick social media registration and login.

Firebase logo built white

Database Ready

Using MySQL as storage by default you will find everything saved.