Beta.15 released!

Checkout all the improvements and the new Firebase integration!

Firebase logo built white

The big new feature in this release is the Firebase implementation which makes registration and login really easy and fast.
At the same time a missing core feature in the custom storage registration was included, the forgot password form.
With this we also included the possibility to setup a mail sender which later could (and probably will) be used for any communications (also thinking to integrate it with Discord somehow and at some point).

For last some issues were fixed and some features implementation were finished: the items system modifiers were not been loaded from the storage and now that's all properly saved / loaded / implemented instead of having hard-coded values in the classes. That said there are still some animation properties there which I would like to move to the storage but first I need to figure it out the beast approach for that since animations are really complex to just save a few related fields.

Hope you enjoy this new version! Feedback will be always welcome!

What's coming up in the next beta?

First a quick note, you can always check what's in progress in our GitHub project (

That been said, I'm going to start to work in the last 3 big missing features:

  1. Players experience and levels system.
  2. Players classes/jobs/paths (what ever you would like to call it) which will be a tree module that will relate actions / skills.
  3. The admin panel, yeah! This will make a game creation crazy fast and easy.

I'll probably launch a new beta for each of these, been the admin beta.18, after that I'll start the fine tune, clear all the TODOs I can (probably release beta.19 at this point), and after some good rounds of test finally release the v4 version.

I really hope to get some support at some point to improve the graphics and the current animations, that will give you a much better idea on the potential the platform has.

So that's the plan! Let's see how that goes!