Finally! Beta.17 released!

Took a lot more than expected but a lot more was done and this is finally here!

Hello everyone! Just to bring some updates here!

A lot happened since beta.15, we are in beta.17 now and a lot new features had been included:

  • Multiple players per user is now available (it can be enable/disable in the database).
  • New contents can be dynamically created on the database:
    Class paths (5 included in the demo)
    Levels based on experience system (10 levels for each class were generated for the demo)
    Skills (by levels), with different types (attacks, effects, physical attacks, physical effects)
    Player stats (the basic were included in the demo as example, like HP, MP, ATK, DEF, etc)
  • Included W-A-S-D controllers.
  • Improved initial screen, logos and background as part of the sample theme.
  • Improved death event and game restart automatically with a timer configurable in the database.
  • New optional features:
    Display enemies life-bar
    Display other players life-bar
    Damage configurable to be displayed on the sprites that were hit
    Players names configurable to be visible on every player
  • Included instructions UI (button and boxed modal with inside-scroll).
  • Included new animations for: directional skills, skills cast, skills hit, physical Skills moving object, deaths and level up.
  • Optional set player in direction to the target when casting a skill.
  • Optional enable/disable TAB target.
  • Implement class selector on registration.
  • Implemented events using remove and master keys to handle events easily per user, object or room.
  • New chat balloon alert and new example notifications.

And at the same time a lot of fixes were applied, you can always find the details on the releases page: