Beta.19 was finally released and the Admin is here!

With this release we have some crazy good news and some not so, poor MongoDB.

Ok, let's start with the changes on the release!

You can always check the change log in GitHub

Reldens commands

The new installation and build scripts

Forget about all the OS environment issues! No more windowsInstallation, linuxInstallation, or different builds, if you are using the skeleton for start, just:

$ node ./scripts/reldens-commands.js help
$ node ./scripts/reldens-commands.js installSkeleton custom-game-theme-test

- Now you can play with the log-level on your env vars. Depending on the log level 0 = none, 1-9 = by priority, you will see more or less output in the console about what's happening on the server:

$ RELDENS_LOG_LEVEL=9 node ./scripts/reldens-commands.js installSkeleton custom-game-theme-test
Reldens admin login

The Administration Panel

When installing the platform by default the admin can be access on [your-host]/reldens-admin.

In our demo you can see it here:

The user and password are the same used to register your player in the game.

IMPORTANT: all the admin contents are visible but blocked from edition on purpose for our DEMO, but in your local installation EVERY USER will be by default an administrator unless you change the admin role ID in the env var:


Or change the users initial role ID:

Reldens admin audio markers

Hot-Plug TIME! Yes, the idea behind the admin is to make it fully work in a "live" way, where you can edit any content on the server and automatically get it activated for every client.

Unfortunatelly as you can imagine do that for every part of the game is extremly complex, but you can already start to test it with the entire audio package, and with the items groups.

Taking the audio package as example: at this point if you edit, remove or add any audio it will be automatically associated to any scene or animation that follows the same audio key or audio marker key.

You can see how that works with the sample contents from the demo: the ReldensTownAudio is associated to the specific scene (this makes the audio only available for that scene), AND it has an associated marker called as the scene key "ReldensTown" (the marker is which makes the audio play automatically when the scene starts).

I will document every single rule and configuration for each package and the user guide for the admin, but this will take time.

Mongo db

Storage Drivers and MongoDB support

The package @reldens/storage was updated and now it can handle any storage driver type you would like to put on it (yeah... if you want some custom driver feel free to write it on your own, I would gladly merge any PRs).

The current drivers provided on the package are two: one for Objection JS, and another for Mikro ORM, the second was implemented ONLY to soport MongoDB.

But, this is not an entire happy post. The Mikro ORM and the Mongo DB support is not ready for the project and the driver is not as good as I would like it to be. I could say that I never used Mongo DB or Mikro ORM in my life so that didn't helped, but still there are a lot of other things I've saw in Mongo by myself which I didn't liked AT ALL.

That beeen said, that's why I've decided to left the Mongo DB UNFINISHED, yes, and if you want support for it you are free to help on do that properly through the @reldens/storage package drivers.

Logo alt

Best news are for last! We got our first real project!

Yeah! This is a huge step for the platform and when the time comes we will publish all about it!