Beta.23 already? What happen?

How's that we move from beta.19 to .23 in so short time? Well A LOT happened!

Not getting to deep into the entire list:

You can always check the change log in GitHub

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But going through the changes, you will find a lot of things: bugs fixed, new small features, architecture changes and more!

  • For start, 2 mayor upgrades, Firebase and Phaser were finally upgraded to their last version! And a lot of other modules were updated as well.
  • Between the new features: chat messages can be now displayed as bubbles above players, now is possible to display players played-time, pathfinder / tap movement is now optional, a lot of new events and configurations to easily customize the platform behavior.
  • A lot of bugs related to lifebars, enemies not attacking players, game-over events and single or multiple players per user options were fixed.
  • For last, a big refactor in terms of packages renamed into plugins.

Now... what's comming next? These are the main goals for beta.24:

  • Another 2 big upgrades: Parcel and Colyseus to their last versions.
  • In combination with these we also fixed some bugs related to the App Server and Game Server URLs on the client, with these fixes will be possible to display the bundled client anywhere.
  • Additionally as new feature we are including the posibility to create top-down rooms with gravity, this way you will be able to create a totally different type of multiplayer games where jumping between platforms will be possible.