Beta.28 and 2023 updates!

The latest beta.28 has been published, let's take a look on all the new features and recap what we have done over this year.

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First, let's do a quick recap over what happened this year...

Considering this is the first update on the website since December, sorry for the delay on updates but I can only say I've been busy... :D

Since October 2022 until June 2023, I've getting some help from a friend who was collabariting by coding for the project, with him I've been able to split the workload, create a lot of new features, and for the last part of May-June we were pushing to create a small Team for continue development. Unfortunatelly on June he left and I've been doing all this alone again, which felt like big push back :(

Anyway... Life goes on, so I'm still pushing as much time as I could, but obviously everything got delayed and releases were again getting endless (a bit because my own fault on keep adding stuff and refactoring), and I'm still looking for help with all kinds of contents.

At that same time, we had been pushing on a paralel project to create a game with Reldens. With it I'm looking to better show how the implementation really works. The project is still on-going, and over the next months I will fully focus on release it, which will have priority over keep adding things on the platform itself.

The way I'm going to approach that game is by adding some stuff on Reldens core anyway (it will be like debug the implementation process on the current project state to improve the flow for developers).
With that been said, some stuff will be only game-related customizations, so not all the custom code will be available on the platform.

The only thing I'm still thinking is: make the game assets available as fully-free on the platform, (since I'm the fully owner of those), and that would be an great investment on both sides (I've found a great designer who has been working on it).

Betwen June and yesterday I've keept working on adding new features and fixing stuff on Reldens, so let's tackle the next point...

Chat improved beta 27

All the work that has been done...

This is the list of all the new features that had been included since beta.24 until beta.28:

- Improved Chat system:
The chat view was improved with tabs and the messages can be split by chat type.
The types and tabs are both configurables from the administration panel.
Current default system messages are: player join/leave room, skills effects/dodge, clan and teams create/join/leave.

Clan creation
  • - Minimap is fully configurable.
  • - Broadcast played time is now optional.
  • - Implemented Teams and Clan system.
  • - Improved the Battle system rewards (everything is coming from the storage now).
  • - Implemented item drops.
  • - Integrate drops with Teams to split items configurable by player level, damage made or random.
  • - Created an ads plugin to integrate ads views in game (CrazyGames and GameMonetize are the sample providers for now).
Terms and conditions
  • - Included optional "Terms and Conditions" view.
  • - Implemented translations.
  • - Made objects base classes configurable from admin.
  • - Objects type enemy get the skills from the storage.
  • - Objects stats load from storage.
  • - Implement group body blocks.
  • - Almost all packages had been updated to their latest versions (Parcel is now v2, Firebase, Colyseus, Phaser, etc).
  • - Client interpolation (smoth movement).
  • - Experimental client prediction and reconciliation.

And much more! Checkout our entire features list at the Features section!