New Admin and MongoDB support is comming!

As you may noted the new beta.19 launch has been delayed, but there are a few good reasons of it...

Here you can see how some of the new beta.19 features are going:

Admin js implemented

Our brand new admin panel for the server is here! I implemented AdminJS on Reldens for easily handle any game contents.

With this I have a few more news related:

- Based on how AdminJS handle the storage drivers, I've created a custom drive for ObjectionJS (since there was none support for it). But then I'd liked the approach and did the same on Reldens, created a custom drivers system so we are now able to continue working in our app without worry about the storage type you choose.

- Since Reldens requires a lot of files uploads I've customized a lot and fixed all the usues coming from the adminjs/uploads plugin.

- For last, the best feature I'm implementing on this is the hot-plug callbacks: every time you do any change on the admin the update will be automatically propagated and hot plug on every client. For example: if you edit the room audio every client with the music enabled will start listening the new music. The complexity of this feature is huge because it's a custom hot-plug for every entity so I won't push this in this single beta but push small updates on each of the following.

Mongo db support

MongoDB is now available!

With our new drivers system, we were able to easily integrate our app with Mikro ORM, and by that we also won the possibility to use MongoDB, for which we are including the MongoEntities for all the current entities we have.