Next on beta.15

Checkout what's coming on the next beta! Big changes again!

First of all, Phaser 3.24 is out! So let's go for it. I'm positive it's going to be the quickest of all the improvements for this next beta.
I'm still thinking if I should do just small upgrades and releases, like try to do one every two weeks, or just wait to have something more consistent to publish a good change.
After that, there are a two related topics I'm going to tackle: forgot password features to keep the basic-custom authentication using the database, and Firebase Authentication implementation.
After have these items I could publish beta.15.
The big next one will be Colyseus, we currently have v0.12.x and last one is 0.13.x, but considering 0.14.x is close I'm going to wait for it. Initially I was thinking that v1 was going to be released soon but it doesn't seems to be the case yet so we better upgrade to 0.14 when is out.
Colyseus upgrade will change a lot or almost everything since 0.13 introduce the type on messages, which in our case is going to replace the "act" parameter I use in general.

With that in mind I will try to do some refactor as well and see if I can move any module as independent.

Keep you posted soon!