Next on beta.16

Prepare for beta.16, again a lot is coming!

Do you need a Skills System?

Well, our agnostic Skills System is already available:

This version is just the very bones of it but it already has a lot and is really flexible.

The next additions on this one will be:

1 - Players Levels

2 - Class Paths

Though the beta.16 is not ready, it already include this first integration and you can check it on the beta.16 branch:

As you can see in here:

We are not longer using the old BaseAttack class but extending the @reldens/skills class.

And soon a lot around the "Actions" package will change over the next days considering the new skills system will be more like the items system, a fully decoupled package using events.

With this improvement we will also include some new and better animations for each skill (right now we have quite bad ones).

So, in summary what will be in this beta?

- New Skills system.

- Players configurable levels.

- Players configurable paths.

- New animations for the skills.

- Optional broadcast for the damage caused to the enemy (right now only who receive the damage see the change).

- Optional broadcast for the objects and other players life points (actually this will be a configuration to broadcast any specified player property).

- Optional target validation for when a physic attack is launch (for example: a bullet can apply damage to the selected target or to any target that gets the hit).

- Chat improvements: a balloon on the chat feature to mark where you have a private message (this contemplate a status field to mark messages as read).

- Multiple other code improvements (from medium to minor changes).

Again this is taking a while and also big changes are coming on the site (a surprise....).

Keep you posted soon!