Project status update and beta.35 release!

As always, the project is still alive! And now, closer than ever to reaching a stable version!

But what happened over the past two months? A bit sad, but a long story of learning:

- Last year, around October 2023, I planned for 2024 to give it a shot at making the platform reach a stable version and launch a few games over the year with the goal of making a living out of it. This involved taking some time off my daily job to put more time into the platform.

- To take that time off, I had to accomplish specific goals with specific deadlines.

- I pushed myself to the limit, working over 180 and sometimes over 190 hours each month. I don't know about you, but for me, coding that amount of time is just too much. I would even say some of the latest issues were due to losing focus.

- Up to December, everything was still going relatively well in terms of time. By then, beta.30 was released, and things were getting in shape.

- Then I got sick, and from that point on, everything went downhill. The first problem? Platform issues—there were too many, and some were pretty deep and hard to fix. By the time I managed to fix them all, I was already more than a month behind schedule. I started to feel the pressure.

- The next problem was the platform's "implementation flow".
Considering how big the platform is, sometimes even I had to go back to the documentation to remember how to do simple stuff, like starting a project from scratch.
This is where the new installation GUI helped, and all the node scripts were migrated into npx commands (no more need for a skeleton repository).
Ensuring the implementation was smooth enough didn't take much time, but I was already behind, and this didn't help.

- The last issue: game content creation.
At this point, I realized the admin (AdminJS) was barely used for CRUD without even considering the entity relations, and creating new content was quite a hard process.
Just creating new maps and adding all the change and return points was impossible to do manually.
There was a huge amount of time required to: create the map in the map editor (TileMap Editor) > Run it through the map optimizer and export it > Then create the entry in the database, figure out the change point tiles indexes, the same for the return points position, all to create the relations - Repeat for however many maps you need for your game (I was planning to have too many).
The solution? The released Maps generator and the import commands.

- Of course, by this point, I was an entire quarter behind schedule.
By April, I was almost burned out and decided to unplug from the plan. Rescheduling for next year (2025) was the most logical decision.
So did I stop working? Obviously not, but I went back to a more "normal" working time (about 160 hours/month).

- Between April and today, I decided to make the development process with the platform much easier and give the platform a bit more flexibility in the games that can be created with it.
For example, including a "guest" mode (where you don't need to register but just specify your username) will allow developers to create smaller, occasional games where players can get into a room (that could be selected) and just fight each other and/or fight NPCs.
Obviously, in between, a lot of new issues were found and fixed, and lastly, I included a bots example which will allow us to get benchmarks on how much the platform can handle (some test results are soon to come).

With the story being told, I'm still hoping to get a stable version of the platform before Q4 this year and release at least one small game with it.

The main things I want to finish are:

- Restore or probably create a new Admin Panel.

- Publish the benchmark results with steps on how to set up a proper server for it (I will share the server setup for my first game and take the benchmarks from it).

As always, enjoy the latest release (change log can be found here: I hope you like it! Any feedback is welcome!