Reldens beta.33 - Sounds, bullets and registration!

Demo reldens lighthouse

Almost inmediatly after release the beta.32, I've came to realize that the registration process was broken. The issue? Obviously me... well... actually the fix for the room selector to show the proper room title broke the room find by key, because of that new users were not be able to get the initial room and the registration failed.

At the same time, checking again with @bobyd, saw an issue with the audios, these broken because the animation interpolation was re-playing the same animation over, the issue was related to a missing remove for the processed interpolations.

Those two were the biggest issues.

But this time I was not happy at all on all of what happen (I was really expecting to have a good release for once), so I've keep testing until my fingers hurt...

Cursor over interactive sprites

With that I've found out some other issues:

- Some random bullets were not been removed: there were some missing points where the bullet body was been removed but not the schema entity for the updates, so the bullet animation was still visible even when it was never going to hit anyone. FIXED.

- When the enemies were respawning it was visible the enemy moving over the scene before it was set on the new respawn position. This was because the enemy visibility was not been enabled/disabled over the respawn process. FIXED.

- A similar issue was happening when the player was changing scenes. FIXED.

- Another thing I've fixed was the all the items missing on "Lighthouse" and made the app PWA ready. FIXED.

With all those issues ready, I felt more confident with this release, so for last, I've included a new small detail: now you can configure a "tint" effect on the interactive items.

And that will be all! Hope you like this release and how the app is getting where I want it to be! Closer and closer to the stable version!