Status update and beta.31

Over the past month everyone on my family got sick and I was the last one standing! But... everything has an end and I've got sick as well... :(

I'm getting better now, but it's been almost a week without been able to push any progress.

Not entirely happy with that, yesterday while testing some stuff on Zephyros, I've realized about a really weird bug on Reldens Demo...

Let's start from the beggining...

Beta 30 bug 001

I was logged with my test player, fighting the enemies in the forest, just to find out the missing / wrong data on the sample data installation...

Yeah, potions sprites and animations were not right and now I was looking at some cool display issues...

But wait it doesn't end there...

I've killed the first tree... waited for the respawn and now I was getting errors logged everywhere!

For reference, if you see stuff like:

"Target body world is missing. Body ID"

Don't worry, I'm handling it...

Beta 30 bug 002

That was the tip of the iceberg...

I've started to walk around, and sudenly got constant bullets from a point in the map where was NOTHING!

Spend an entire day debuging the issue...

Long story short:

- At some point in one of the latests beta it seems I've introduced a memory leak. NOT FUNNY.

- Some object reference seems to be keeping the physics world alive, so when you re-enter the same room the previous world is still active and when the player enters the interaction area of the enemy it can still cast attacks.

- My guess... is there's some timer alive or some object reference active preventing the entire physics world to be consider valid for the garbage collector, so even when the room is disposed the physics world is still up and running.

As TEMPORAL fix you can disable the rooms autoDispose (this will prevent the world to get re-generated everytime the room gets disposed.

I can't explain how bad I feel by this now... and I'm fully working on fix it ASAP.

As soon I fix the issue I will publish it on the beta.31 without wait for the other small pending fixes.

What a way to start 2024... but good I've catched this up now and not later before the game gets published.

I'm really sorry if this caused any issues to you, feel free to ping me on Discord if you need help on implement a temporal fix.

I'll give another status update as soon this is working as expected.