Zephyros Online WIP!

Our first game is in progress!

You will be able to enjoy a fantastic world with a great history and full of areas to conquer and quests to complete!

Zephyros cover with logo

Zephyros will be my first game fully created with Reldens. This implementation has multiple goals: show the reach of the platform, all the features available, how it works and how fast a game can be created with it.

At the same time I create this game I will debug the creation process and document the step by step to create every feature or game aspect.

I will keep you posted on the progress and the timeline I'm expecting to accomplish for this is basically get an alpha version by the end of this year, and a fully stable game by 2024 Q1 (much of it will depend on how much time I will be able to get for the process and the budget I can get for the assets).

Stay tuned for more updates, I really hope you enjoy it!