Older Versions


  • Applied a proper fix for #62, made the build process optional and created an await class for the process.
  • Minor issues fixes.
  • Packages updates.


  • Reverted fix for issues #62.
  • Packages updates.


  • Fixed issues #54, #60, #62, #63.
  • Fixed monitor and included authentication.
  • Packages updates.
  • Exported modules @reldens/utils and @reldens/storage.
  • Included SQL script for upgrade from beta.8 to beta.9.


  • Long distance attacks, bullets like using physics body.
  • Healer NPC example.
  • Packages upgrade (from Colyseus and Phaser to Objection), and deprecated methods were replaced.
  • Made Bundler optional.
  • Included animations like arrow pointer.
  • Issues fixes and modifications.


  • Path finder for "click to go" and enemies chase action.
  • NPCs and enemies.
  • PvP and PvE.
  • Respawn areas.
  • New forest map and general animations.
  • Packages upgrades.
  • Issues fixes and code refactor.


  • Full code refactor, events oriented implementation and since the platform requires both server and client side code the created packages were grouped by modules (this could be quite different from the normal modules/packages where you will find all the server or client side code together in different packages).
  • Objection JS implementation for storage entities and Knex for migrations.
  • Chat fully implemented and configurable (global, private or by-room messages).
  • Player stats and HP affected by attacks.
  • Maps animations.
  • Players collisions.
  • Players short distance attacks.
  • Game over event.
  • Basic NPM that reacts with a message.
  • Base for users interface.
  • A lot of new configurations in the storage.
  • A lot of bug fixes and performance improvements.


  • Fixed stats interface contents issue.
  • Included comments and notes.


  • Optimized DataLink class and re-implemented.
  • Included new feature player-stats, for now static values in the server, for each user and visible in the client interface.
  • Applied minor fixes like the loading for the homepage forms submit.


  • Changed favicon.
  • Fixed Chat UI issue.
  • Modified chat colors.
  • Fixed chat messages save and optimized system messages.
  • Included enter press to focus the chat.
  • Pending registration error messages fix.
  • Included room name validation.


  • Fixed old TODO's and removed unused code.
  • Upgraded Colyseus 0.10.x.
  • Upgraded Phaser 3.18.
  • Improved configuration files.
  • Implemented db-migrate for database schema updates.
  • Added new fields for users data.
  • Implemented chat feature.
  • Improved collisions detection and implemented layers names convention.
  • Moved interface into Phaser DOM.
  • Implemented full new graphics set.
  • Included notes and new specifications for future implementations.


  • Fixed horrible bug with the P2world bodies.
  • Code improvements.


  • Version update, doc changed and minor fixes.


  • Docs changed and minor fixes.


  • Removed console.log from client side.


  • Minor fix and version fix on package.


  • Colyseus upgrade to v0.10.x.


  • Modifications to easily work in multiple environments (had to change the config files to make them work with Heroku).
  • Included the "dist" folder in GIT.
  • Server collisions fix to perfectly match game graphics.


  • P2world implementation on server side.
  • Client movement and impact calculations on server side as authority to avoid possible client-hacks.
  • Scenes change validation on server side.


  • Moved scenes data into room state.
  • Fixed multi-player issue with undefined scenes.
  • Included repository data.


  • Implemented DynamicScenes information from database.


  • Fixed issues with multiple Colyseus rooms and Phaser scenes change.


  • Implemented multiple Colyseus rooms (one room for each Phaser scene).
  • Fixed database entity for scenes.
  • Fixed player save state, login, registration, and encrypted passwords.


  • Players state load / save feature.
  • Database entity for scenes.
  • Dynamic Phaser scenes and Colyseus rooms modules (to be implemented).


  • Base integration between Colyseus and Phaser 3.
  • Users entity.