Reldens beta.31.1 - Performance!

This release took me a lot more time than I was expecting, but it's finally out.

I've already commented about the issues found on my previous posts, but if you like to catch up on that first, you can take a look at:



A summary of what happen:

- Some events listeners were not been removed properly, and by keeping active references to class instances that were not been used anymore. This was causing a memory leak basically when a new room was duplicated every time it was dispossed.

- Some falback configurations were still failing when trying to fallback on the default values.

- Missing or wrong entries in the sample data.

- Some duplicated animations were tried to be created multiple times on every room in the client side.

- Improved logs everywhere and fix logs by the log level.

- Then I've found other issues like wrong constants paths, properties that were access as arrays when those were actually objects, etc.

If you look at the 92 commits, you will get the idea...

Again, I'm only glad I've found and was able to fix all of this, because now I can see we are close to release v4.0.0 as the first stable version.

But I'm leaving that for after Zephyros gets release and and we can prove is ready for any production build.

As always feel free to reach me! I would love to get any feedback.

Hope you like it!

Change log:


Admin Panel: (login with any registered email and password in the game)