"Local" installation process:

1 - Git Clone: make sure you have the proper GitHub keys on your current user or just change the method to HTTPS clone to use your GitHub username/password.

$ git clone [email protected]:damian-pastorini/reldens-skeleton.git ./game

2 - Go into the folder and run NPM

$ cd ./game && npm install

3 - Install the default skeleton theme (you can pass a second parameter to be used as the custom theme folder, otherwise "default" will be used):

$ node ./scripts/reldens-commands.js installSkeleton custom-game-theme-test

That command will re-generate the theme folder and copy all the required files in your project root and in the "dist" folder.

For more commands you can use the "help" argument:

$ node ./scripts/reldens-commands.js help

Some other useful commands (mostly for when you want to update your implementation) are:

$ node ./scripts/reldens-commands.js buildCss custom-game-theme-test

$ node ./scripts/reldens-commands.js buildClient custom-game-theme-test

$ node ./scripts/reldens-commands.js copyCustomAssets custom-game-theme-test

4 - I'm assuming you have a database ready to be used (MySQL is installed and you have the user and password for it).

You can get the MySQL dump for the installation in the following link:

  • You need to deploy it in your database and change the proper variables in the ".env" and "knexfile.js" files.

  • Once the installation is done and the database ready, you will be able to run:

$ npm start
  • If you like to see more logs of the process you can change the debug level like:
  • Now, you should be able to browse the following links:

Game: http://localhost:8080/

Administration Panel: http://localhost:8080/reldens-admin

By default, every registered user is an administrator, you can change this behavior by changing the following environment variables:

# The role for administrators:

# The role the users get when they register: