Change Log


  • Implemented Forgot Password feature for default storage registration / login / users.
  • Implemented Firebase as additional login option.
  • Fixed inventory modifiers, made them load from the storage.
  • Upgrade Phaser and other packages to the last available version.


  • Improved rooms loading.
  • Fixed storage issues.
  • Improved game UI for small resolutions.
  • Fixed packages.


  • Fixed database connections limit.
  • Fixed database upgrade script.
  • Minor updates and fixes.


  • Removed package-lock and updated all dependencies except for Colyseus (we are on v0.12 and last one is 0.13), we will wait in favor of a new version 0.14 seems to be coming soon, or v1.
  • Fixed client screen size and behavior. Now the screen will adapt for full-size using a "base map size" to avoid excessive zoom on small maps, and a maximum map size to avoid showing more map than what we like.
  • Implemented @reldens/items-system for inventory and equipment. Using different "items types" and "modifiers" the system flexibility is huge.
  • Implemented a basic but a bit more complex than what we had battle damage calculation so when you have an item equipped you will do or get less damage.
  • Though we still have Parcel as dependency, the bundle is fully optional now. I actually recommend to run the bundle locally and deploy client static files ready to be served. This also made me found an issue with the regenerator-runtime which is now fixed and the client can be easily imported without need the dist/manage file which was removed.
  • A new GameDom class was created to easily handle the client updates. Right now is using jQuery by default but I'm planning to replace both Phaser DOM and jQuery UI by something like React.
  • The NPC's UI was also improved to handle dynamic options.
  • The preloader scene now is saving the reference for all the UI instances created.
  • The .env implementation was fixed, it wasn't working properly an some values were always empty.
  • Since I've been working in both OS (Linux and Windows), I've found a lot of issues with hardcoded paths and Windows which are now fixed (but I didn't looked for absolute every path in the project, so probably could find some more).
  • I've included some additional methods to help on the dist reset and themes installation process but I will publish the run-scripts on the skeleton repository.
  • There's an issue with the double login with Colyseus, but we are still doing the validation, so instead of
    login A > login B > logout A > B will be still connected
    now we have:
    login A > login B > both logout
    We hope this issue in Colyseus get's fixed soon.
  • The example client has a new option to go full screen which improves even more the mobile experience.