Road Map

Phase 1 - Basic game features

Releases 4.x

  • New architecture, code improvements and optimizations.
  • Implement non-player characters entity. [DONE]
  • Implement collision between players. [DONE]
  • Implement enemies entity. [DONE]
  • Implement attacks (including short and long distance, like punch and bullets). [DONE]
  • Implement items system. [DONE]
  • Implement equipment system (equip will be an specific item type). [DONE]
  • Implement path finder, this will allow: the controllers configuration options (show/hide and actions) since we won't be limiting the use of the app in devices with keyboard, and mainly to create "area"/"agro" enemies. [DONE]
  • Implement "Quests" system.
  • Re-implement Facebook and Google login.
  • Implement character selection.
  • Implement classes and sub-classes with class path relation (configurable).
  • Implement Unit Tests (check Jest:

Phase 2 - First game and site

First game implementation!

  • Classic 2D MMORPG, with some story line (surprise! 😄).
  • Starting in town where you will be able to shop items and recover.
  • World map and outside areas for monster hunting and items collection.

Reldens - Site release!

  • Including full documentation.
  • Code examples.
  • Showroom.
  • Publish on Patreon check ads implementation.

Phase 3 - Platform backend and new features

Release 5.x

  • Create server administration system, the back-end for the game and move all the game configurations to the database.
  • Implement users permissions system.
  • Add scenes music.
  • Add environmental sound.
  • Create features in order to make the platform available only for non-developers to use it.

Phase 4 - Future of the project

To be analyzed

  • I'm still thinking if will be worth it to move to TS (looking for help to do this).
  • Implement client side prediction to avoid possible lag issues.