Road Map

Phase 1 - Basic game features and site release

Reldens - Site release! [DONE]

Releases 4.0.0-beta.x

  • New architecture, code improvements and optimizations. [DONE]
  • Implement non-player characters entity. [DONE]
  • Implement collision between players. [DONE]
  • Implement enemies entity. [DONE]
  • Implement attacks (including short and long distance, like punch and bullets). [DONE]
  • Implement items system. [DONE]
  • Implement equipment system (equip will be an specific item type). [DONE]
  • Implement path finder, this will allow: the controllers configuration options (show/hide and actions) since we won't be limiting the use of the app in devices with keyboard, and mainly to create "area"/"agro" enemies. [DONE]
  • Re-implement Facebook and Google login. [DONE]
  • Implement classes and sub-classes with class path relation (configurable). [DONE]
  • Publish on Patreon check ads implementation. [DONE]
  • Make damage configurable to be displayed on the sprites that were hit. [DONE]
  • Include instructions UI (button and boxed modal with inside-scroll). [DONE]
  • Fix update SQL script to disable / enable FOREING KEYS. [DONE]
  • Implement class selector on registration. [DONE]
  • Include level up animation. [DONE]
  • Standardize events, make a single require of the EventsManager class. [DONE]
  • Change the EventsManager to use the emitSync. [DONE]
  • Create agro-enemies. [DONE]
  • Make players names configurable to be visible on every player. [DONE]
  • Make player set the direction to the target when cast a skill. [DONE]
  • Add scenes music and environmental sound. [DONE]
  • Implement player selection. [DONE]
  • Create server administration system (the platform back-end to generate all the contents for the game). [DONE]
  • Implement Store system with buy, sell, trade between players and players with NPCs. [DONE]
  • Improve Battle system rewards. [DONE]
  • Implement Teams and Clan system. [DONE]
  • Implement group body blocks. [DONE]
  • Create a chat configuration to specify which system messages can be displayed. [DONE]
  • Update Phaser to last version. [DONE]
  • Update Colyseus to last version. [DONE]
  • Implementing client side prediction, server reconciliation and interpolation for lag compensation. [DONE, EXPERIMENTAL]
  • Implement different storage drivers (Objection JS, Mikro ORM). [DONE]

All these items can be tracked in the GitHub project.

Phase 2 - First game and improvements

  • First project implementation, classic 2D MMORPG (surprise! 😄). [WIP, WAT? YEAH!]
  • Work on documentation and include more code examples. [CONTINUE PROGRESS]
  • Implement "Quests" system at admin level. [WIP]
  • Create our own graphics set free forever for anyone to use. [WIP]
  • Implement new features like mining, fishing, crafting, farming, etc.
  • Create a new skill type to work using direction and area hit without require a target.
  • Analyze and improve performance
  • Implement and run tests and get base app benchmarks.
  • Allow partial collision blocks.
  • Implement users permissions system.
  • Add admin help commands to manage the server while playing.
  • Fix all the pending issues and refactor.
  • Move to TS or ESM with JSDocs.
  • Create features in order to make the platform available only for non-developers to use it.
  • All modules must have hot-plug.
  • Research and package the client as native app.
  • Extract Client and Server side features into drivers so we can replace any of the existen platforms (Phaser and Colyseus). [WIP]

First game implementation! Zephyros Online! [WIP]

  • Classic 2D MMORPG, with some story line (surprise! 😄).
  • Starting in town where you will be able to shop items and recover.
  • World map and outside areas for monster hunting and items collection.

    Phase 3 - Future of the project

    To be analyzed... but for sure this will continue, a project like this is far from have a static path to follow, these are more like a guideline to keep track but we will continue improve it!